Tuesday, November 24, 2009


By Taha Tawashi
SAUDI-YEMENI BORDER ? A Ministry of Defense and Aviation official has categorically denied media reports, especially from Al-Jazeera channel, of ground incursion of Saudi forces into Yemeni territory during ongoing clashes with infiltrators along the Saudi-Yemen border, Saudi Press Agency reported late Tuesday night.

The military operations are kept within Saudi territory to drive away armed infiltrators and the ?brothers in Yemen know this fact very well,? the statement said.

Media reports of the ground incursion into Yemen were just ?lies and formulated reports violating media ethics and were designed to serve the enemies of both Yemen and Saudi Arabia,? the official said.

The official has called on the media to be more credible and accurate in reporting conflict stories.

Meanwhile, Saudi forces unleashed a heavy offensive Tuesday along the mountainous border with Yemen, to apply what analysts say is the ?Strangling Belt? on infiltrator positions. This is meant to separate them from their supply and support sources in Yemen.

The air raids bombed targets close to Mount Dokhan, Mount Rumaih, Mount Doud, Mount Shada and various border villages, believed to contain the mountain hide-outs of infiltrators. - SAUDI GAZETTE.

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